New Alien Botany Fashion Objects

Introducing Alien Botany bodywraps in in two muted shades of Venusian mists and distant sunsets. These are the largest Alien Botany scarves to date, measuring a generous 72 X 146 centimetres (28 X 57 inches) and lending themselves to a multitude of options.

Featuring a new pattern of our shipwrecked heroine’s illustrated discoveries – alien-botanical specimens and their interactions with host bodies; some parasitic, others symbiotic.

Cowl, shawl, head-wrap, cravat… Wear them however you please, year-round. Woven from effervescent cotton vera and finished with a fine rolled hem. Printed in microscopic detail and hand-finished in Britannia, 100% sweatshop-free. Both scarves are available in the shop, while supplies last.

An Introduction

For those of you who are new to my blog, my name is Zoetica Ebb and I'm a Moscow-born multimedia artist working in London. I revel in cosmic exploration, imaginary futures and their expression in fashion, and dithering the edges between fantasy and reality. Also, I really like dogs.

I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil, and have been exhibiting since 1999. I committed to my practice fully in 2011, when I began work on AlienBotany, my ongoing concept series. For now, I primarily use hyper-detailed ink drawing and limited-edition fashion designs to bring the Alien Botany universe to Earth. This project is a consequence of a lifetime of experiences and passions, conceived at the intersection of Soviet space obsession, love of the compulsive detail and speculation in antique scientific illustration, and fascination with the beauty and horror of the natural world. 

I've lived all over, and I travel a lot. I've been an arts and culture curator, a magazine editor, a filmmaker, a journalist, a blogger, and a photographer, the latter of which I still do from time to time. When I'm not working in my East London studio, I can be found wandering in gardens, sequestered in book forts, and adventuring across the universe. 

Until The Future,