● New perfumes, ampler blossoms, untried pleasures. ●

I’m interested in personal mythology, future language, and the pursuit of transcendence. Exploring states of divergence, adaptation, surrender, and equilibrium in my Alien Botany® project, I scrutinise specimens of otherworldly plant-animal hybrids and their interactions with human hosts – some parasitic, others symbiotic. Each specimen chart and interaction table is preceded by determining its function within the strange biological parameters of the remote ecosystem where this story unfolds.

Alien Botany is an ongoing multimedia concept series. It includes hyper-detailed works on paper, sculptures, and capsule fashion collections focused on fantasy flora, space delirium, and skin. This project is a consequence of a lifetime of experiences and passions, conceived at the intersection of Soviet space obsession, love of the compulsive detail and speculation in antique scientific illustration, and fascination with the beauty and horror of the natural world. 

2174 AD. Five years ago, a shipwrecked cosmonaut from the exploratory mission, Novy Mir, documented the flora of an unknown planet in quadrant NQ3 while waiting for a rescue team. Her notes and sketches were found inside a charred capsule adrift in the Arctic Ocean. The scientific community, awed by what she discovered, has been attempting to decode her enigmatic words and complex diagrams ever since. The cosmonaut’s archive took on many forms; it appears she used whatever materials had survived the crash. Reconstruction is ongoing in laboratories worldwide.

To date, I have lived in Moscow, Los Angeles, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Austin, Denver, Chicago, San Diego, Dublin, San Francisco, and am currently based in London. For photography, an extended bio, and other projects, please visit biorequiem.com.


Los Angeles County High School for the Arts

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Select exhibitions

2018: The Miniature Show, Dorothy Circus Gallery, Rome, IT

2018: Art in the Crypt, Crypt Gallery, London, UK

2017: The Thing 35th Anniversary Art Show, Creature Features, Los Angeles, CA

2016: "Specimens and Hosts", 3 Bees, San Mateo

2015: Hive Gallery Ten-year Anniversary Show, Los Angeles, CA

2014: The Second Annual Coaster Show, La Luz De Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2013: Gag Me With a Toon 5, WWA Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2013: Conjoined 3, Copro Nason Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2012: Veneris, Skotia Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2012: Gag Me With a Toon 4, WWA Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2012: Conjoined 2 in 3D, Copro Nason Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2010: This is Not an Invitation to Rape Me, Fox Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2010: The Ghost of Delilah and Other Stories, Gallery 1988, Los Angeles, CA

2010: The Best Little Whorehouse in Los Angeles, CA, The Foundation Room, Los Angeles, CA

2009: Monster?, Copro Nason Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2009: Induced Epidemics, Chaos Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2009: Beerotica 2, The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2008: Fist Full of Metal, Hope Gallery, NYC, NY

2008: "Off World Cloud Hunters", Plastik Wrap, Toronto

2008: Dances of Vice, Element, NYC, NY

2008: Beerotica, The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2007: Seven Brides Electrified, Jail gallery, Los Angeles, CA (curated and exhibited)

2006: Masters of the Dark, Night Gallery, Santa Ana, CA

2005: Arena Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2003: Launch Pad - Next Generation, Don O'Melveny Gallery

2001: Hodge Podge, curated by Julie Rico - Highway Performance Space

2001: Group exhibition,  Don O'Melveny Gallery

1999: Obscurity to Freedom - Russian Immigrant Artists, Finegood Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA