Alien Botany at Dorothy Circus Gallery

The tiny Alien Botany specimen below is part of The Miniature Show, curated by Travis Louie, at Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome. I felt more like a mad scientist than usual in the jeweller's glasses I wore while working on it. If you're near Rome, do to stop by and have a look at all the magnificent tinies in the coming days.


Princeps sanguinem
Ink and acrylic on paper
Framed dimensions: 16 x 2.8"

•Thrives in hot, damp conditions.
•Hematophagous. Bioluminescent tendrils lure hosts, then latch on and absorb blood.
•The Princeps’ peptide-like secretions stop blood coagulation, and its small size allows it to go unnoticed.
•Bulb-root produces a deep-red, viscous sap, which attracts nematodes and similar roundworms, and appears to possess psychoactive properties.
•On-host lifespan undetermined as of this writing.

Actual size (depending on your resolution):