The Tulle Bunny and The Underpinnings Museum

Part Josephine Baker, part FKA Twigs, I came up with this rosy confection after being inspired by the exquisite detail of vintage lingerie – and listening to a lot of FKA Twigs, too.

Click to see her bigger.

Researching head-pieces, lace, velvet and tulle, and getting lost in costuming websites while working on this was pure delight. Playing with watercolors for the first time in a small eternity to capture all that texture and detail was something of a thrill, as well.

Now, I'm delighted to announce that The Tulle Bunny is available at two reward tiers at the crowdfunding page for The Underpinnings Museum, created by designer Karolina Laskowska and freshly-launched today. This wonderful project aims to offer an online exhibition of vintage and, eventually, modern-day lingerie, with detailed imagery of every garment and historical information. All of this will be supplemented with specially curated exhibitions, blog posts and constant new additions. As an example of the museum's inaugural collection, here's a pair of 1930s tap pants that inspired part of my drawing: 

Just look at all those tiny hearts! I, for one, am terribly excited about the prospects of poring over the gorgeous details of vintage and antique underthings, as well as learning about their construction and the context in which they were created. Give the exquisite art of lingerie a proper home on the internet, built by true devotees – help fund The Underpinnings Museum today!