Since 2001, biorequiem.com has been my home online. From its clunky inception as an art portfolio, HTMLed, badly, from my decrepit-but-beloved second-story apartment in Chicago's Little Puerto Rico district to the sound of thunder and stray bullets, to its years as a bustling alternative fashion and lifestyle blog, it has endured many incarnations. A few older ones:

Today, it's a bit of everything, housing my photography galleries, blog posts and a detailed overview of the numerous projects I've taken on, from journalism and publishing to filmmaking and humanitarian work. A hybrid of preservation and presentation.

Recent years have seen a metamorphosis in my work, my perspective and my passions. Amidst these shifts, my focus returned to art completely. As the work multiplied and took on a cohesive shape, it demanded a home of its own, which brings us here. Biorequiem.com will continue to serves as a space for photography, personal blogging (should the mood strike and time permit, no promises) and everything else, while ZoeticaEbb.com will serve as a dedicated space for new art and related news.

This design feels so right. Sparse, with focus solely on new work I haven't shown in full anywhere until this moment. A clean sheet of paper, cocooning a life yet unknown.

Have a look around and enjoy this first look at Alien Botany's progression so far.