Hangin' at the Coffee Shop

If you're in Northern California this month, you can see Alien Botany prints in person at 3 Bees Coffee in San Mateo. 

I've been coming to this cozy place on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis since we moved here from Dublin, and it won my heart and respect with excellent coffee and Proper Coffee Shop Atmosphere.

Also, I think this may be the only place in downtown San Mateo that actually showcases local art rather than whatever interior decorators or corporate offices decree acceptable. 

So, when the owner spoke to me about hanging here, I was delighted to add my work to the walls I spend so much time in.

The show should be up until the end of February unless something goes awry. I look forward to seeing how the locals react to extraterrestrial flora and cosmonauts in distress in the otherwise familiar space. Though I kept the work PG 13, judging by the looks I got while hanging, this should prove illuminating for all involved.

Thank you, 3 Bees Coffee, not only for your consistently delicious beverages, but also for curating adventurously and supporting local art!